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Alissa is a proud new member of the Stacy Nash Primitive Handwork Girl Club offered through Spring Green Country Sampler. This club was stumbled across through some blog reading. She immediately signed up as a member and requested the to previous offerings. Amy is quite jealous that she is not currently a member. In fact, we actually sat down and called Spring Green – unfortunately they were closed for a snow day. May be someday she, too, will attain such high stitching status…

We currently have a few works in progress to share. Alissa’s time has been divided between three projects – none of them small enough to whip up super fast. Amy, on the other hand, is focused on one project that she has started twice – the colors simply were not what she was looking for. Projects are as follows: Valentine Rose by Blackbird Designs, Waiting for the Harvest by Blackbird Designs, Quaker Medallion Sampler by C Street Samplerworks, The Sampling by Bent Creek.

Last weekend, while Alissa’s husband snowmobiled and Amy had the hard job of keeping her entertained – we won some fun stuff on eBay! As you can see these are mostly for scrapbooking and it would be helpful for photography purposes to actually complete one of our pin cushion patterns… Please note the vintage appeal these treasures hold.

Amy’s travels led her to a DC roadside attraction, the China Town Arch. She knows absolutely nothing about this, but it’s a roadside attraction and she captured it on film!

Tuesday morning, Amy looked out her window and gasped at the beauty before her, the lilac bush was snow-covered. Away to the window, she snapped with a flash and what to your wondering eyes should appear:

In the meantime we will be waiting impatiently for our mailboxes to fill up with the other treasures we needed.


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It takes almost no effort to inspire each other into a mood of ridiculousness. Today’s snowy weather should have kept us at home working on varied projects. However, I talked Amy into a trip to the local stitchery shop. Somewhere along the way we built up a plan of buying stacks of patterns to occupy our obsession with Bent Creek. This did not happen. Instead we found a couple of patterns, a handful of floss necessary to complete a project, and an unsatisfied appetite for those stacks of patterns. Not people to simply let go, we drowned our sorrows in cups of grande caramel macchiato and headed home. So we did what we had to do – shopped online. Soon we will approach the mailbox and feel a rush of excitement thanks to 123stitch. Then we decided to start a blog about our nonsense.

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